Learn how to trace your egg back to the farm it came from

Trace My Egg makes it easier to trace which farm your eggs have come from by using a 5-digit code that is ‘stamped’ onto each egg. The egg stamp shows the production farming method and the farm that the egg has come from which can be identified by their unique individual code. All farms in the Trace My Egg programme are independently audited annually by a third party and they also agree to random audits as part of the programme’s ongoing integrity and verification system.

Look for the stamp on the side of each New Day egg and simply follow the instructions below.

How does it work?


The first two letters specify the type of farm your eggs are from.

CG - Cage
CL - Colony
BN - Barn
FR - Free Range


These 3 digits specify exactly where your eggs are from - i.e. the exact farm name and location.

(This code differs for every individual farm and is issued by the NZ Egg Producers Federation)

Try it out at tracemyegg.co.nz