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NZ farms supplying nz eggs to nz'ers!

We're a tight-knit community of family farms and we're proud to say that we're 100% New Zealand owned. Our farms have passed down from generation to generation and so has the loving care we put into making the very best and tastiest Free Range eggs.

We're passionate about farming and about quality New Zealand produce. We embrace new ideas and technologies and, as well as maintaining the heritage and tradition of family-style farming, we've adapted to new methods to take care of our hens and maximise the quality and freshness of our eggs.


Hen Welfare

To create the tastiest and highest quality eggs, we really look after our hens. We're dedicated to the health and welfare of our flocks. They're fed on high quality grains and proteins and we let them roam freely in their lush, peaceful and secluded surroundings. They’re free to do what comes naturally to them – forage, explore, scratch, perch, preen, cluck and peck – they have 24/7 access to their feed and water and we make sure they’re protected from the sun and predators with trees and small shelters.

We support the local communities around New Zealand because we're very much a part of them. From Northland to Otago and in between, we have eight farms which have been specially selected for their pastures, shelter and climate. Our farm locations are:

  • Kamo (Northland)
  • Katikati (Bay of Plenty)
  • Otakiri (Whakatane)
  • Hastings (Hawkes Bay)
  • Gisborne (East Coast)
  • Wanganui (Manawatu)
  • Nelson (Tasman)
  • Oamaru (Otago)

From these farms, we deliver to every corner of New Zealand – from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

Each of our farms are independently audited which verifies that we are complying with the Animal Welfare (Layer Hens) Code of Welfare (2018).

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Otto McGirr, farm owner
from Katikati, New Zealand


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New Day Free Range eggs rely on great farmers. A tight-knit group, they make sure that their hens are happy, their farms and pastures are run and maintained with pride, the eggs are of a consistently high quality and they get to customers from all around New Zealand as fresh as they can be.

Every so often, we like to put a face to each of our farms.
So let' s kick things off and introduce, Otto McGirr from his Free Range farm in Katikati....

The Farm has been operating since 2011 and is situated in the very beautiful and sunny Katikati in the Bay of Plenty where the hens are free to roam and partake in their daily activities such as scratching, perching, dust bathing and foraging. Our Free Range eggs are sold nationwide into leading supermarkets, fruit and vegetable stores, retailers, cafes and restaurants.

We feed our chooks on a ration of high quality grains and proteins and finally (now here's the trick) we leave them in peace to do what nature intended them to do. On a world scale we're just a little family run business quietly producing what we believe to be the highest quality free range eggs. It's just what Kiwis do.