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Our eggs are such versatile things. Check out our recipes or maybe feel inspired to create your own!

free range audited

We are independently audited by a verified accreditation company who ensure we comply with the Animal Code of Welfare (2018)

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A little bit about us.

We're New Day Free Range Eggs.

A community of family farmers who care passionately about producing and delivering the very best and freshest Free Range eggs to our customers throughout New Zealand.

How do we do this? It's all down to our great bunch of happy and healthy hens, who have access to the land to do what they naturally like to do – forage, explore, scratch, perch, preen, cluck and peck. For us, that's chooks being chooks and we go the extra mile to provide the best sheltered outdoor environment for them to be…chooks!


Backed up by an accreditation system that regularly checks our farms to verify compliance with the Animal Code of Welfare, our customers can be assured of the very best, genuine Free Range eggs.

But a great egg on the farms means nothing if it does not get to you as fresh as it can be. As a small, tight-knit bunch of farmers, from Otago to Northland, we're in the best position to get our eggs to the supermarkets and our other customers all around the country as quickly as possible.

Fewer eggs but great eggs, all delivered with care.