For us, Free Range is not some marketing spin to lull customers into buying New Day Eggs. Yes, New Day Eggs are yummy and there’s a good reason for that. The best eggs are laid by healthy, happy hens which are free to roam in the outdoor sheltered pastures of our family run farms.

asure quality

Each of our farms is independently audited by AsureQuality Ltd which verifies compliance with the Animal Code of Welfare (2012) for free range layer hens. AsureQuality is 100% owned by the New Zealand Government and they provide food safety and biosecurity services globally to the food and primary production sectors.

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Our farms also operate under a registered Risk Management Programme, which is required under the Animal Products Act 1999. Regular farm audits, carried out independently by or on behalf of the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), ensure that our egg quality meets the standards required for food safety and suitability.

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