All our farmers and chooks at New Day Free Range Eggs are excited to be a part of the Healthy Food Guide TV show. Helping to deliver delicious recipes your whole family will love. New Day Eggs will be serving up 4 tasty recipes through the 10 week series that are not only packed with protein and has nutritional benefits to New Zealanders but are also easy to make.

Getting healthy and staying healthy made easy! Publishers of New Zealand's top selling food magazine of the same name and producers of the critically acclaimed hit television show What's Really in Our Food? have joined forces to bring New Zealand Healthy Food Guide - catch it on Thursdays at 8.30pm on Choice TV.

Healthy Food Guide

The 10 episode series

The Healthy Food Guide is the brand new series that brings you all the lastest facts and advice on all things food! From being sugar smart, how hormones could be sabotaging your weightloss – plus, is it wise to go gluten-free, and how do you power your brain for optimum health, with food?

Carly Flynn, Journalist, Radio Show Host, health enthusiast and mum investigates all you need to know about the hottest food debates from expert scientists, doctors and food producers.

The series also follows the Parkinson family on their journey to get healthier and fitter to improve their lives and well-being. Star nutritionist Claire Turnbull is challenging them to get real about transforming their health in just 5 months.